Bloodflowerz lyrics

Rating: 4.93
7 Benedictions - 7 Maledicitons
Black Snake Sister
False Gods
Fire In Paradise
Heart Of Stone
Last Exit
My Treasure
Raise The Dawn
She Knows Why
The Death Of Souls
Till The End
Too Much
Unperfectly Perfect
Wild Heart
Diabolic Angel (Übersetzung)
Die Stimme Der Trauer
Ein Augenblick
Ein Schicksalsvoller Kuss
Kalter Regen
Liebeskranke Kleine Meerjungfrau
Teuflischer Engel
Tränen Der Nacht
Diabolic Angel (2002)
Cold Rain
Diabolic Angel
Fatal Kiss
One Second
Season Of Love
Tears Of The Nicht (mea Culpa)
Tears Of The Night
Dark Love Poems (2006)
Anthem For A Stranger
Cruel Game
Damaged Promises
Dark Angel
Dead Love (A Necrology)
Healing Hearts
Illusionary Fields
Queen Of The Freakshow
Sajida's Song
The Fool And The King
The Last Dance
Violent Voices
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