Alexz Johnson lyrics

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Never Give Up
One In A Million World
Push Me Pull You
To Dream About You
So Weird
Another World
Chicago Blues
Different Story
In The Darkness
Jack S Lullaby
Last Night Blues
Like A River
Love Is Broken
New Math
She Sells
Star Dot Star Song
The Rock
Thinkin About Tomorrow
What You Do
Songs From Instant Star (2005)
24 Hours
I'm In Love With My Guitar
It Could Be You
Let Me Fall
Me Out Of Me
Pick Up The Pieces
Stupid Girl
Temporary Insanity
That Girl
Time To Be Your 21
Waste My Time
Your Eyes
Songs From Instant Star Two (2006)
Another Thin Line
Anyone But You
Fade To Black
How I Feel
How Strong Do You Think I Am?
Liar Liar
My Sweet Time
Natural Disaster
Not Standing Around
There's Us
White Lines
Who Am I Fooling
Songs From Instant Star Three (2007)
Don't You Dare
I Don't Know If I Should Stay
The Breakdown
Where Does It Hurt
Songs From Instant Star Four (2008)
2 A.M.
Higher Ground
That Was Us
Voodoo (2010)
A Little Bit
Boogie Love
Gonna Get It
Hurricane Girl
L.A. Made Me
Look At Those Eyes
Mr. Jones
Trip Around The World
Other songs
Cause You're Watching Over Me
If I Should Stay
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