Tony Banks lyrics

Rating: 5.85
A Curious Feeling
A Curious Feeling
After The Lie
For A While
In The Dark
Lucky Me
Somebody Else's Dream
The Lie
A House Needs A Roof
Big Man
Diamonds Aren't So Hard
I'll Be Waiting
Queen Of Darkness
That Night
The Border
The More I Hide It
Lion Of Symmetry
Shortcut To Somewhere
You Call This Victory
Angel Face
Another Murder Of A Day
Back To Back
Hero For An Hour
I Wanna Change The Score
Red Day On Blue Street
Still It Takes Me By Surprise
The Final Curtain
The Gift
Water Out Of Wine
Strictly Inc.
A Piece Of You
An Island In The Darkness
Charity Balls
Don't Turn Your Back On Me
Never Let Me Know
Only Seventeen
Something To Live For
Strictly Incognito
The Serpent Said
Walls Of Sound
The Fugitive
And The Wheels Keep Turning
At The Edge Of Night
By You
Man Of Spells
Moving Under
Say You'll Never Leave Me
Sometime Never
This Is Love
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