The Donnas lyrics

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American Teenage Rock 'N' Roll
Checkin' It Out
Gimmie My Radio
Leather On Leather
Looking For Blood
Outta My Mind
Rock 'n' Roll Machine
Shake In the Action
Speed Demon
Wanna Get Some Stuff
You Make Me Hot
Boy Like You
Da Doo Ron Ron
Do You Wanna Go Out With Me
Drive In
Everybody's Smoking Cheeba
Friday Fun
Get Rid of That Girl
Hey, I'm Gonna Be Your Girl
High School Yum Yum
Huff All Night
I Don't Wanna Go
I Don't Wanna Rock 'n' Roll Tonight
I Don't Want to Go to School
I Wanna Be a Unabomber
I'm Gonna Make Him Mine (Tonight)
Lana & Stevie
Last Chance Dance
Let's Go Mano!
Let's Rab
Rock 'n' Roll Boy
Teenage Runaway
We Don't Go
Get Skintight
Get Outta My Room
Too Fast For Love
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