Saxon lyrics

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A Little Bit Of What You Fancy
Bad Boys (Like To Rock 'N' Roll)
Do It All For You
Just Let Me Rock
Rock City
Sailing To America
Set Me Free
Denim And Leather
And The Bands Played On
Denim and Leather
Fire In The Sky
Midnight Rider
Never Surrender
Out Of Control
Play It Loud
Princess Of The Night
Rough And Ready
Calm Before The Storm
For Whom The Bell Tolls
I Can't Wait Anymore
Jericho Siren
Red Alert
Ride Like The Wind
Song For Emma
We Are Strong
Where The Lightning Strikes
Dogs Of War
Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)
Burning Wheels
Demolition Alley
Dogs Of War
Don't Worry
Hold On
The Great White Buffalo
Innocence Is No Excuse
Back On The Streets
Broken Heroes
Call Of The Wild
Devil Rides Out
Gonna Shout
Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy
Rockin' Again
Power And The Glory
Midas Touch
Power And The Glory
The Eagle Has Landed
This Town Rocks
Watching The Sky
Rock The Nations
Battle Cry
Party 'Till You Puke
Rock The Nations
Running Hot
Waiting For The Night
We Came Here To Rock
You Ain't No Angel
Solid Ball Of Rock
Altar Of The Gods
Baptism Of Fire
I Just Can't Get Enough
Lights In The Sky
Requiem (We Will Remember)
Solid Ball Of Rock
Unleash The Beast
Circle Of Light
Cut Out The Disease
Ministry Of Fools
Terminal Velocity
The Preacher
The Thin Red Line
Unleash The Beast
Wheels Of Steel
747 (Strangers In the Night)
Freeway Mad
Motorcycle Man
See The Light Shining
Stand Up And Be Counted
Street Fighting Gang
Suzie Hold On
Wheels Of Steel
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