Chris Isaak lyrics

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Wicked Game
Funeral In The Rain
Silvertone (1985)
Another Idea
Back On Your Side
Back On Your Side
Funeral In The Rain
Funeral In The Rain
Gone Ridin'
Livin' For Your Lover
Pretty Girls Don't Cry
Pretty Girls Don't Cry
Talk To Me
The Lonely Ones
Western Stars
Chris Isaak (1987)
Blue Hotel
Fade Away
Heart Full Of Soul
Lie To Me
Lover's Game
Lovers Game
This Love Will Last
Waiting For The Rain To Fall
Wild Love
You Owe Me Some Kind Of Love
You Took My Heart
Heart Shaped World (1989)
Blue Spanish Sky
Diddley Daddy
Don't Make Me Dream About You
Forever Young
Heart Shaped World
I'm Not Waiting
In The Heat Of The Jungle
Kings Of The Highway
Nothing's Changed
Wicked Game
Wrong To Love You
Wrong To Love You
San Francisco Days (1993)
Beautiful Homes
Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)
Except The New Girl
I Want Your Love
Lonely With A Broken Heart
Move Along
Round 'N' Round
San Francisco Days
Solitary Man
Two Hearts
Forever Blue (1995)
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing
Changed Your Mind
Don't Leave Me On My Own
Forever Blue
Go Walking Down There
Goin' Nowhere
Graduation Day
I Believe
Shadows In A Mirror
Somebody's Crying
The End Of Everything
There She Goes
Things Go Wrong
Baja Sessions (1996)
Back On Your Side
I Wonder
Only The Lonely
Pretty Girls Don't Cry
Return To Me
South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
Sweet Leilani
Think Of Tomorrow
Two Hearts
Waiting For My Lucky Day
Wrong To Love You
Yellow Bird
Speak Of The Devil (1998)
7 Lonely Nights
Black Flowers
Breaking Apart
Don't Get So Down On Yourself
I Like The Way She Moves
I'm Not Sleepy
Like The Way She Moves
Speak Of The Devil
Super Magic 2000
Talkin' 'bout A Home
This Time
Walk Slow
Always Got Tonight (2002)
Always Got Tonight
American Boy
Cool Love
I See You Everywhere
Let Me Down Easy
Life Will Go On
Nothing To Say
Notice The Ring
One Day
Somebody To Love
Worked It Out Wrong
Mr. Lucky (2009)
Baby Baby
Best I Ever Had
Big Wide Wonderful World
Breaking Apart
Cheater's Town
I Lose My Heart
Mr. Lonely Man
Summer Holiday
Take My Heart
Very Pretty Girl
We Let Her Down
We Lost Our Way
We've Got Tomorrow
You Don't Cry Like I Do
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