Metal Church lyrics

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Blessing In Disguise
Anthem of the Estranged
Fake Healer
Of Unsound Mind
Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912)
The Spell Can't Be Broken
Hanging In The Balance
A Subtle War
Down To The River
Gods of Second Chance
Little Boy
Losers In The Game
No Friend of Mine
The End Of The Age
Waiting For A Savior
Metal Church
(My Favorite) Nightmare
Beyond The Black
Gods of Wrath
In the Blood
Merciless Onslaught
Metal Church
The Dark
Line of Death
Method To Your Madness
Over My Dead Body
Start The Fire
The Dark
Ton of Bricks
Watch the Children Pray
The Human Factor
Agent Green
Date With Poverty
Flee From Reality
In Due Time
In Harm's Way
In Mourning
The Final Word
The Human Factor
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