Men Without Hats lyrics

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Pop Goes the World
Bright Side Of The Sun
In The Name Of Angels
Intro (Pop Goes The World)
Intro\Walk On Water
Jenny Wore Black
La Valese D'Euge'nie
Lose My Way
O Sole Mio
On Tuesday
Pop Goes The World
The Real World
Everybody Wants To Know
Fall Down Gently
Harry crews
In The Meadow
Life After Diamond Head
Lost Forever
Love (All Over The World)
The Van Der Graff Generation Blues
The Adventures Of Women And Men Without Hate In Th
21st Century Safety Dance
All We Do
Eloise and I
Everybody's Selling Something
Here Come The '90s
Hey Men
I'm In Love
In The 21st Century
Underneath the Rainbow
You and Me
The Rhythm of Youth
And the great ones remember (reprise)
Ban The Game
Cocoricci (De Tango Des Voleurs)
I Got The Message
Ideas for Walls
Living In China
Modern(e) Dancing
Safety Dance
Security (Everybody Feels Better With)
The Great Ones Remember
Things In My Life
Utter Space
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