Leo Sayer lyrics

Rating: 3.32
Another Year
Another Year
I Will Not Stop Fighting
On the Old Dirt Road
Only Dreaming
Streets of Your Town
The Kid's Grown Up
The Last Gig of Johnny B. Goode
Unlucky in Love
Cool Touch
Agents of the Heart
Can't Stop
Cool Touch
Going Home
Heaven Knows
My Favorite
Paperback Town
Rely on Me
Suki's Missing
Young and In Love
Endless Flight
Endless Flight
Hold on to My Love
How Much Love
I Hear the Laughter
I Think We Fell in Love Too Fast
No Business Like Love Business
When I Need You
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
An Englishman in the USA
Lost Control
Oh Girl
Takin' the Easy Way Out
The End
The World Has Changed
When the Money Runs Out
Who Will the Next Fool Be
Just a Boy
Another Time
Giving It All Away
In My Life
Long Tall Glasses
One Man Band
The Bells of St. Marys
When I Came Home This Morning
Leo Sayer
Dancing the Night Away
Don't Look Away
Frankie Lee
I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try)
La Booga Rooga
No Looking Back
Raining In My Heart
Running To My Freedom
Something Fine
Stormy Weather
Living in a Fantasy
Let Me Know
Living in a Fantasy
More Than I Can Say
Once in a While
Only Foolin'
She's Not Coming Back
Time Ran Out On You
Where Did We Go Wrong
You Win -- I Lose
Thunder in My Heart
Easy to Love
Everything I've Got
Fool For Your Love
I Want You Back
It's Over
Leave Well Enough Alone
There Isn't Anything
Thunder in My Heart
We Can Start All Over Again
World Keeps on Turning
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