Gary Moore lyrics

Rating: 6.41
After Hours
Cold Day In Hell
Don't You Lie To Me (I Get Evil)
Jumpin' At Shadows
Key To Love
Only Fool In Town
Separate Ways
Since I Met You Baby
Story Of The Blues
After the War
After The War
Led Clones
Livin' On Dreams
Ready For Love
Running From The Storm
Speak For Yourself
This Thing Called Love
Around the Next Dream
Can't Fool The Blues
City Of Gold
Glory Days
High Cost Of Loving
Waiting In The Wings
Where In The World
Why Does Love Have To Go Wrong?
Back on the Street
Back On The Streets
Don't Believe A Word
Fanatical Fascists
Song For Donna
Corridors of Power
Always Gonna Love You
Don't Take Me For A Loser
Falling In Love With You
Gonna Break My Heart Again
The End Of The World
Wishing Well
Run for Cover
All Messed Up
Empty Rooms
Listen To Your Heartbeat
Military Man
Nothing To Lose
Once In A Lifetime
Out In The Fields
Out Of My System
Reach For The Sky
Run For Cover
Still I Got the Blues
All Your Love
As The Years Go Passing By
King Of The Blues
Midnight Blues
Moving On
Oh Pretty Woman
Still Got The Blues
Texas Strut
That Kind Of Woman
Too Tired
Walking By Myself
Victims of the Future
All I Want
Empty Rooms
Hold On To Love
Law Of The Jungle
Murder In The Skies
Shapes Of Things
Teenage Idol
Victims Of The Future
Wild Frontier
Crying In The Shadows
Friday On My Mind
Johnny Boy
Over The Hills And Far Away
Strangers In The Darkness
Take A Little Time
Thunder Rising
Wild Frontier
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