Dr. Feelgood lyrics

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A Case of the Shakes
Best In The World
Case Of The Shakes
Coming To You
Drives Me Wild
Going Some Place Else
Love Hound
No Mo Do Yakamo
Punch Drunk
Violent Love
Be Seeing You
As Long As The Price Is Right
Baby Jane
I Don't Wanna Know
I Thought I Had It Made
Looking Back
My Buddy Buddy Friends
Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
She's A Wind Up
Sixty Minutes Of Your Love
I'm A Real Man
Chess Masters
29 Ways
Date Bait
Don't Start Me Talkin'
Gimme One More Shot
Hoochie Goochie Man
If Walls Could Talk
Killing Floor
Send For The Doctor
Suzie Q.
The Walk
Who Do You Love?
You Gotta Help Me
Doctor's Orders
Down At The Doctors
Heart Of The City
If My Baby Quit Me
Down by the Jetty
All Through The City
Bonie Moronie
Boom Boom
Cheque Book
Keep It Out Of Sight
She Does It Right
That Ain't The Way To Behave
The More I Give
Twenty Yards Behind
Fast Women & Slow Horses
Baby Why Do You Treat Me This Way
Bums Rush
Crazy About Girls
Educated Fool
She's The One
Sweet Sweet Lovin'
Trying To Live My Life Without You
Let It Roll
Drop Everything And Run
Feels Good
Hong Kong Money
Java Blue(S)
Pretty Face
Shotgun Blues
Mad Man Blues
Dust My Broom
Mad Man Blues
Another Man
Back In The Night
Because You're Mine
Don't Let Your Daddy Know
Going Back Home
I Can Tell
Riot In Cell Block No. 9
Rolling And Tumbling
Watch Your Step
You Shouldn't Call The Doctor
Private Practice
Down At The Doctors
Every Kind Of Vice
It Wasn't Me
Let's Have A Party
Night Time
Sugar Shaker
Take A Tip
Things Get Better
Sneakin' Suspicion
All My Love
Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Lucky Seven
Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees)
Sneakin' Suspicion
Time And The Devil
Walking On The Edge
You'll Be Mine
All Through The City
Back In The Night
Going Back Home
I'm A Hog For You
Riot In Cell Block No. 9
She Does It Right
Talkin' Bout You
Twenty Yards Behind
Walking The Dog
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