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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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Deacon Blue and Ricky Ross lyrics

Rating: 6.05
Fellow Hoodlums
A Brighter Star Than You Will Shine
Closing Time
Cover From The Sky
Fellow Hoodlums
Goodnight Jamsie
I Will See You Tomorrow
James Joyce Soles
One Day I'll Go Walking
The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail
The Wildness
Twist And Shout
Your Swaying Arms
A Is For Astronaut
Beautifully Still
Even Higher Ground
Every Time You Sleep
I Am Born
Now That You're Here
Out There
This Train Will Take You Anywhere
New Recording
Ash Wednesday
Blue Horse
Cresswell Street
Earth A Little Lighter
Here's Singer
I Love You
I'm Sure Buddy Would Know
My Only Tie
On The Line
The Further North You Go
The Undeveloped Heart
Born In A Storm
Chocolate Girl
He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
Love's Great Fears
The Very Thing
Town To Be Blamed
When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
So Long Ago
A Week In Politics (Is A Long Time)
Chairman Mao's Vacation
Checkout Girls
Don't Look Back
Little India
Love You Like A Son
Some People Last Winter
Something About Ireland
Suprised By Joy
The Germans Are Out Today
Vision On
Walking Back Home
All I Want
Beautiful Stranger
Christmas And Glasgow
Jesus Do Your Hands Still Feel The Rain
Love Hurts
Plastic Shoes
Walking Back Home
When You Are Young
What You Are
Cold Easter
Good Evening Philadelphia
Jack Singer
Love Isn't Hard Its Strong
Promise You Rain
Radio On
Rosie Gordon Lies So Still
The Lovers
Wake Up And Dream
What You Are
When Sinners Fall
Whatever You Say, Say Nothing
All Over The World
Bethlehems Gate
Cut Lip
Fall So Freely Down
Hang Your Head
Last Night I Dreamed Of Henry Thomas
Only Tender Love
Peace,Jobs And Freedom
Will We Be Lovers
Your Town
When the World Knows Your Name
Circus Lights
Fergus Sings The Blues
Love And Regret
One Hundred Things
Queen Of The New Year
Real Gone Kid
Sad Loved Girl
The World Is Lit By Lightning
This Changing Light
Wages Day
Your Constant Heart
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