Cherry Poppin' Daddies lyrics

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Ferociously Stoned
Answering Machine
Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut
Diabolic Tastemaker
Dirty Mutha Fuzz
Dr. Bones
Drunk Daddy
Flovilla Thatch Vs. The Virile Garbageman
Master And Slave
Midas In Reverse
Shake Your Lovemaker
Suicide Kings
Teenage Brainsurgeon
The Lifeboat Mutiny
Up From The Gutter
You Better Move
Kids On The Street
Cosa Nostra
Dave's Pie Shoppe
Don Quixote
Flower Fight with Morrissey
Here Comes The Snake
Irish Whiskey
Luther Lane
Say it to My Face
The Enemy Within
Trapped Inside The Planet Of The Roller-Skating Be
We'll Always Have Paris
Rapid City Muscle Car
Bobby Kennedy
Come Back To Me
Hazel, South Dakota
Impossible Dream
Inertia Rhapsody
Johanna Of The Spirits
Lovers Understand
Mr. White Keys
Pink Elephant
Skyline Drive
Sockable Face Club
The Search
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