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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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Anvil lyrics

Rating: 6.27
Absolutely No Alternative
Black Or White
Green Jesus
Hair Pie
Hero By Death
No One To Follow
Old School
Piss Test
Red Light
Show Me Your Tits
Fryin' Cryin'
Pussy Poison
You're A Liar
Forged In Fire
Butter-Bust Jerky
Forged In Fire
Free As The Wind
Future Wars
Hard Times - Fast Ladies
Make It Up To You
Never Deceive Me
Shadow Zone
At The Apartment
Bedroom Game
I Want You Both (With Me)
Oh Jane
Ooh Baby
Paint It Black
School Love
Metal On Metal
Heat Sink
March Of The Crabs
Metal On Metal
Stop Me
Tag Team
Tease Me, Please Me
Plugged In Permanent
Destined For Doom
Doctor Kevorkian
Face Pull
Five Knuckle Shuffle
I'm Trying To Sleep
Killer Hill
Racial Hostility
Smokin' Green
Pound For Pound
Blood On The Ice
Brain Burn
Corporate Preacher
Fire In The Night
Machine Gun
Safe Sex
Senile King
Toe Jam
Where Does All The Money Go?
Strength Of Steel
Concrete Jungle
Cut Loose
Flight Of The Bumble Beast
I Dreamed It Was The End Of The World
Kiss Of Death
Mad Dog
Straight Between The Eyes
Strength Of Steel
Wild Eyes
Worth The Weight
A.Z. #85
On The Way To Hell
Pow Wow
Sins Of The Flesh
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