Amon Amarth lyrics

Rating: 6.04
Once Sent From The Golden Hall
Amon Amarth
Friends Of The Suncross
Ride For Vengeance
The Dragon's Flight Across The Waves
Victorious March
Without Fear
Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
Burning Creation
Sorrow throughout the nine worlds
The arrival of the fimbul winter
The mighty doors of the Speargod's hall
The Avenger
Bleed for ancient gods
God, his son and holy whore
Legend of a banished man
North sea storm
The last with pagan blood
The Crusher
A Fury Divine
Annihilation Of Hammerfest
As Long As The Raven Flies
Bastards Of A Lying Breed
Masters Of War
Releasing Surtur's Fire
The Fall Through Ginnungagap
The Sound Of Eight Hooves
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