Shawn Colvin lyrics

Rating: 6.20
A Few Small Repairs
84,000 Different Delusions
Get Out Of This House
I Want It Back
If I Were Brave
New Thing Now
Nothin On Me
Suicide Alley
Sunny Came Home
The Facts About Jimmy
Wichita Skyline
You And The Mona Lisa
Dawson´s Creek Vol.2 Soundtrack
Never Saw Blue Like That
Fat City
All Would Envy
Heart On Ice
Hold On To The Good Things
Knowing What I Know
Someone Like You
When You Know
Matter of Minutes
Climb On (A Back That's Strong)
I Don't Know Why
Kill The Messenger
Object Of My Affection
Orion In The Sky
Round Of Blues
Set The Prairie On Fire
Tenderness On The Block
Steady On
Another Long One
Cry Like An Angel
Diamond In The Rough
Ricochet In Time
Shotgun Down The Avalanche
Something To Believe In
Steady On
The Dead Of The Night
The Story
Whole New You
Another Plane Went Down
Bound To You
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