Sara Evans lyrics

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Born To Fly
Born To Fly
Every Little Kiss
Four Thirty
I Could Not Ask For More
I Keep Looking
I Learned That From You
Let's Dance
Saints And Angels
Show Me The Way To Your Heart
Why Should I Care
You Don't
No Place That Far
Cryin' Game
Fool, I'm A Woman
I Thought I'd See Your Face Again
Love, Don't Be A Stranger
No Place That Far
The Great Unknown
The Knot Comes Untied
There's Only One
These Days
Time Won't Tell
Three Chords The Truth
Even Now
I Don't Wanna See The Light
If You Ever Want My Lovin'
Imagine That
Shame About That
The Week The River Raged
Three Chords And The Truth
Tiger By The Tail
True Lies
Walk Out Backwards
Three Chords And The Truth (1997)
Even Now
I've Got A Tiger By The Tail
Imagine That
Shame About That
True Lies
Restless (2003)
Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus
Big Cry
Feel It Comin' On
I Give In
Need To Be Next To You
Otis Redding
Rockin' Horse
Suds In The Bucket
To Be Happy
Real Fine Place (2005)
A Real Fine Place To Start
Bible Song
Missing Missouri
Momma's Night Out
New Hometown
Roll Me Back In Time
Tell Me
The Secrets That We Keep
These Four Walls
You'll Always Be My Baby
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That's The Beat Of A Heart
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