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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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Mando Diao lyrics

Rating: 5.99
Bring 'Em In (2002)
Bring 'Em In
Lauren's Cathedral
Little Boy Jr.
Motown Blood
Mr Moon
Sweet Ride
The Band
To China With Love
Hurricane Bar (2004)
Added Family
All My Senses
Annie's Angle
Clean Town
Cut The Rope
Down In The Past
God Knows
If I Leave You
Kingdom & Glory
Next To Be Lowered
Ringing Bells
This Dream Is Over
White Wall
You Can't Steal My Love
Your Lover's Nerve
Ode To Ochrasy (2006)
Good Morning, Herr Horst
Killer Kaczynski
Long Before Rock 'n' Roll
Morning Paper Dirt
Song For Aberdeen
The New Boy
The Wildfire (If It Was True)
Tony Zoulias (Lustful Life)
TV & Me
Welcome Home, Luc Robitaille
You Don't Understand Me
Never Seen The Light Of Day (2007)
I Don't Care What The People Say
If I Don't Live Today, I Might Be Here Tomorrow
Macadam Cowboy
Mexican Hardcore
Misty Mountains
Never Seen The Light Of Day
Not A Perfect Day
One Blood
Train On Fire
Give Me Fire (2009)
Blue Lining White Trenchcoat
Come On Come On
Give Me Fire
Go Out Tonight
High Heels
Maybe Just Sad
Mean Street
The Shining
You Got Nothing On Me
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