Album: Rei Momo

Rating: 4.54

Artist: David Byrne

Songs in "David Byrne - Rei Momo" album
Carnival Eyes (Mapeye)
Dirty Old Town (Mapeye)
Don't Want to be Part of Your World (Samba)
Good and Evil (Rumba\Llesa)
I Know Sometimes a Man is Wrong
Independence Day (Cumba)
Lie to Me (Merengue)
Loco De Amor (Salsa\Reggae)
Make Believe Mambo (Orisa)
Marching Through the Wilderness (Charanga)
Office Cowboy (Pagode)
The Call of the Wild (Merengue)
The Dream Police (Cha Cha Cha)
The Rose Tattoo (Bomba\Mozambique)
Women vs. Men (Bolero)
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